Double the excitement and half the costs with 32Red Bingo

Bingo tickets are not supposed to be that expensive as to prevent players from purchasing them and 32Red Bingo has the reputation of keeping the prices particularly accessible. 32red

This hasn’t changed and for as little as $.10 anyone can participate in bingo games or major tournaments.

In fact, the bingo room is as generous as to offer twice as many tickets to shoppers, as long as they are willing to purchase at least six in one order.
This is a great proposition made by one of the most respectable operators and luckily for players it represents just the tip of the iceberg. There is more than meets the eye and it is all good because from Monday to Thursday, a special string of tournaments will run live.

Action starts at 7 PM and a new event starts after one hour, so those who have time and energy to stay up and running for five hours in a row, will be competing for boosted paychecks.

Just to get the idea about what these guys propose, know that a guaranteed jackpot will be split among winners but also a couple of lucky losers. The minimum paycheck for someone who makes a full house will start at €90 and will go up by increments of €20. The ones who win the weekend tournament are going to reap the biggest profits for the simple reason that the guaranteed jackpot consists of €500.

Everyone dreams about making a full house, but runners-up and those who finish on the podium shouldn’t be frustrated by their otherwise impressive performance. These two categories of players will collect an amount that if combined, will result in the same some that goes to the winner. The difference between their paychecks is relatively low, with two lines paying €50, while a single line will result in a paycheck of €40.

As the jackpots go upwards, these limits might change a little bit but nothing spectacular and regardless of what step of the podium you occupy, the paycheck will make it worthwhile. It is very important that players can purchase tickets one week in advance at discounted prices and receive twice as many, because this translates into better winning opportunities. I

t also means a great deal for those who cherish convenience about anything else, since they place one order and enjoy a rollercoaster of entertainment.

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