Europa Casino challenges you to hit the Bulls’Eye

Hitting the proverbial bull’s eye is not that difficult as it might sound, particularly if you are good at what you’re europa-casino-logodoing.

Not all online casinos are so passionate about keeping things fair and straightforward as Europa Casino, so this is the partner of choice for those who seek a long career in gambling.

It also helps if you’re playing a game that doesn’t have a crushing house edge, something that online casino players have been searching for since the advent of Internet gambling.

The fact that they also provide unrestricted access to the latest and best Microgaming slot machines, video poker and table games is another argument in their favor.

You can play these games on the Quickfire network and also shift from your desktop computer to a smart phone or tablet, if you cherish convenience.

New branded slot machines are announced on a weekly basis and even though most of them don’t make the headlines a couple of video slots linger in the collective memory for a long time.


Bullseye promises to be one of these games and the fact that it was at the cornerstone of an aggressive advertising campaign will help its cause. If the name sounds familiar, that’s because it draws inspiration from a classic TV game which used to be presented by Jim Bowen. The standup comedian was immensely successful with large crowds and this is exactly the kind of thing that Europa Casino appreciates.

The online casino has no interest in focusing exclusively on the needs of the elite and even though it caters for highrollers, the main concern is for the creation of players to be happy. By keeping all the newcomers and begin is content, the casino expands its customer base and most of the new releases are trying to follow these guidelines.

Bullseye follows closely the game format of the TV show, so if you were a fan of that entertainment program, is virtually impossible to be disappointed by the slot machine.

There are 243 ways to win and wild symbols that will increase the profits, but also scattered signs that will provide you with the chance to spin the reels for free. All the symbols populating the reels have their unmistakable charm, but Bully is the one that players are hoping to see when the reels stop spinning. It will trigger bonus rounds that are so exciting that many players completely forget about the potential profits and focus exclusively at the game itself.

Bully’s special bonus round will bring back pleasant memories for those who used to watch the TV show live, but also trigger bigger payouts. The actual winnings will be increased up to 15 times, so if you don’t hesitate to play at higher stakes, your profits will be sizable.

During the bonus round, it is perfectly possible for players to uncover more scatter symbols, so at least in theory the free spins can be triggered over and over again, indefinitely.