Five Card Stud poker people

When people talk about poker today, the first thing that comes to mind is Texas hold ‘em or Omaha as these are the two games that have most of the fans.

There also the ones played frequently online but the truth is that the first type of poker ever to be played was the five card stud.

This is a openhanded poker variant which has been around for decades, although today it is only played by those who are nostalgic about the good old times or genuine fans of the game.

Overview of Five Card Stud poker

The five card stud poker is one of the two versions of the game with the other involving several cards, but the rules are more or less the same so the transition from one type of poker to the other is smooth.

Players receive a total of five cards just as the name suggests, with one of them being closed and the other four open. The idea is still to make the best possible combination involving five cards and the possible hands are the same as in Texas hold ‘em or Omaha.


At least 2 players and a maximum of 10 can sit down at the same poker table and play five card stud, with the game bearing many similarities to hold’em poker in terms of betting progression. The differences consist in the fact that players act in another order and they also need to make the most of the different card distribution. The possible combinations are more numerous and the role played by luck is more significant, which explains why professionals shy away from this genre.

Principle and rules of Five Card Stud poker

All players who participate in a hand will need to place on ante before the betting round begins and only after this happens, each of them receives the hole cards.

The open card is visible to their opponents so they can make an educated guess about what type of hand they are up against by the time the betting round begins. The one who has the smallest open card is the one who acts first, with the other players choosing between calling, raising, re-raising or folding.Online Gambling Concept


What makes the second betting round different is that this time the player who has the strongest combination of two open cards is the one to at first. Action moves across the table clockwise and more open cards are dealt, with the third betting round being virtually the same as the previous one.

Finally, another open card is dealt and players bet, raise or reraise once again, with the remaining ones going to showdown. This is when they unveiled the closed cards and the one with the best five card hand wins.