Playtech adds two new online casinos

Gala and La riviera are dominating the UK market and only have a couple of strong competitors within the British islands. Their Riviera_Logoambitions have grown a lot over the last couple of years and hope to set important milestones on European soil in 2017 and beyond.

Those who have an account with either of these gambling operators enjoy great promotions and an impressive collection of Playtech games.

The software developer takes great pride in these two flagship casinos and has exclusive deals with that. For instance, the newly released titles are more likely to surface here before they do elsewhere, providing players with direct and fast access to them. One time is of the essence or when players don’t have to wait until the games become available elsewhere, this means a great deal.

Playtech is also contemplating new possibilities and tries to expand its network of casinos, sometimes by creating new ones. This has happened once again as the software developer has created Sun Bets Casino and Live Casino. This is a new endeavor, announced in early August and now in full effect, but given the quality of these casinos, there are probably going to be here to stay. New players usually have to face numerous obstacles, such as the inability to set up a collection of games from scratch.


Such a challenge doesn’t exist at Sun Bets Casino and Live Casino, because the latest and the best Playtech titles will be made available. In fact, the casinos could boost their collection to hundreds of titles immediately, thanks to the impressive portfolio of games they have access to. However, the developers chose to focus on premium slot, so does that stumble upon their website will be utterly impressed.

There is no shortage of progressive jackpot games as well as classic franchises inspired by Hollywood blockbusters. Comic movie games also have a special place in this ecosystem, once again not a surprise given the face time superheroes gone on the big screen. Sun Bets is actually a partnership between News UK and Tabcorp Holdings Limited, so Playtech had to sign an agreement with the former. This is all water under the bridge now and the only thing that matters is the future.

Both parties have expressed their enthusiasm about this agreement and expected to trigger some great results no later than 2015. This partnership with benefit both parties, because the software developer will have the chance to better promote its services. On the other hand, the casino will start operations immediately, using the impressive compendium of games offered by Playtech.