Seven Card Stud poker

If you are to play a version of stud poker, then you should at least focus hidden-seven-cardson the most popular version which is seven card stud.

The fact that it is also the most popular version definitely helps, as it should be easier to find opponents over the Internet.

Compared to the more popular Texas hold ‘em and Omaha, this game has fewer fans online, but it is still competitive and can provide the adrenaline rush that poker players seek.

Overview of Seven Card Stud poker

A total of seven cards are dealt to players, with three of them being visible only to their owners, while the other four are revealed from the start.

All these cards can be used to make the best possible hand, which still consists of five cards and the same structure is used as in Texas hold ‘em.


What differentiates this game from the aforementioned ones is that suits have their special ranking, with the Spade being the strongest, followed by hearts, diamonds and clubs.

No fewer than two players can sit down at the tables and it is not possible to play with more than 10 people, which allows a great deal of flexibility.

Unlike other games of poker, players need to place an ante before they are dealt cards, which means that the winner of each hand will claim a decent pot.

Principle and rules of Seven Card Stud poker

In the first round of the game, players receive two private cards and one that is exposed, before the initial betting round starts.

The one who has the weakest revealed card is the one that has to pay the first bet, with the others choosing between calling, folding or raising.

Once the first round of betting concludes, players receive another card and what happens next is the one that has the best combination of two cards is the one to at first.

Once other exposed card is dealt, the third round of betting commences, with action running clockwise after being initiated by the one who has the best combination of three cards revealed.

A fourth up card is revealed and then the seventh and final one is dealt to each player, this time facing down, so opponents won’t know anything about its strength.

The remaining players go to showdown and after they bet for one last time they reveal their cards and the strongest combination of five wins the hand.