Superbahis casino ramps up its loyalty scheme

Even if you are on the right track, you will eventually get run over if you simply sit there and this is a lesson that Superbahis superbahis-altknows all too well.

The online casino is not going to dwell on it success and instead try to provide players with increasingly better deals, so that they stay happy no matter how high their expectations.

For example, the loyalty scheme that is already so popular among casino players is going to be revamped, with new benefits available in 2016.

The new project will reward players for pretty much everything, so whenever you perform an action on the website it will have some repercussions. All of them are for the better and in addition to wagering real currency, there are other ways of improving your position in this leaderboard. Accumulating points is one way of moving up the ladder and if you are an active player who enjoy spending time online, your progress will be swift.


There are a couple of one-time activities that players are supposed to do and in return, they will receive coins but also recurrent actions. In conjunction, they will help them quantifying their progress and the idea is to provide them with something for their efforts.

Registering an account will result in five coins being awarded and players will also receive 25 coins when they change their display name for the first time. It also pays off to verify your account, because this will trigger a bonus of 200 coins.

Another fast and effective way of accumulating points is by making deposits, with the first, second and third reload of the account resulting in a combined 125 coins. Once you complete all these initial steps, you need to shift to recurrent activities and accumulate more coins. For instance, if you log in on a daily basis you will collect a cool amount of 10 coins but there is a maximum limit that applies for each month.

Rating a room and having other players do the same for your room will also trigger bonus coins and all real money wagers will have the same impact. It pays off to be among the pioneers trying new games for the first time and even the smallest deposit will result in at least 10 points being earned. Once you gain confidence and deposit larger amounts, the number of points accumulated will also be significantly higher, so you will push your gambling into overdrive.

Superbahis casino will also reward you with coins when you recommend a friend and their number will only increase when these new players make a real money deposit. An active friend will help you accumulate more points, while he or she will also benefit from the same advantages. There are plenty of cool things to discover in the online shop and when you spend time and currency here, you will receive not only the items but also additional coins.

Not everything is for sale and even though money makes the world go round, there are other things that matter. If you care about reputation and prestige, know that visitors will receive badges and there are also cool avatars to unlock. A successful player is also going to be rewarded for his achievements and there are dozens to complete.