The Poker Club unveiled at Full Tilt Poker

The online poker industry is as competitive as ever and the biggest players are trying to get ahead, while appealing to fans of Full-Tilt-Logothe genre.

Circus Casino had to walk a long way en route to clearing its reputation, but it is now one of the most respectable online poker rooms.

The thing they need to improve now is the loyalty scheme and apparently they know exactly what is missing, as the company has recently unveiled the brand-new poker club.

The sweeping changes to the tournament and the ring games are expected to provide a better path to generous prizes than ever before. The managing director of the company was the one to announce these modifications and players have plenty of reasons to be enthusiastic.

There are more prizes up for grabs and the ones who wager real currency will be eligible for cash bonuses as well as tickets to exclusive competitions, including tournaments with guaranteed prize pools.


Another perk of being a part of this poker club is that you will be competing for progressive jackpot that starts at a dazzling $100,000. The longer it takes for someone to win the jackpot, the bigger it will get and the sky’s the limit given the fact that Full Tilt Poker has so many registered players. In anticipation of the new loyalty program, those who are actively engaged in the Edge Rewards Program need not worry because it is not going away anytime soon.

In fact, the online poker room presents members with the option of sticking to the existing program or making the transition to the new one. Even if they decide not to embrace a new concept right away, they will notice with satisfaction that it is much easier to accumulate loyalty points. They can still be converted for real cash prizes or spent on branded merchandise and access to exclusive tournaments, so nothing is lost in the process.

Free roles are also offered and players will be eligible to participate in hundreds of such competitions on a monthly basis. These are particularly attractive to those who are new to this type of online gambling and don’t have a sizable bankroll to rely upon. They will still need to make a financial commitment to participate, but the minimum deposit is all it takes to be a part of the players club.